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  • May 12, 2017
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How to Master Jeans & T-Shirt Game

If you ask me there is only one formula which will never go out of style; that’s why, you need to learn how to master jeans & t-shirt game

Your combinations of jeans & t-shirt are effortless ones, saviors on lazy days, on date nights subbed in for a fresh spin, and they can even be completely stylish ones in the office once styled right. Yeah, they might be classic, but it has a huge potential to deliver style well beyond looking like something we threw on when we didn’t have the time to get more creative when it comes to daily outfit ideas.

jeans and tied shirt

Converse shoes? They look awesome when paired with a jeans & t-shirt combination, and you can easily complete what is missing by the help of a tied shirt!

bandana choker

Let’s say you wear your easy jeans & t-shirt go-for combination… then, you feel like there’s something missing. What you’re looking for is a nice bandana choker. With thousands of color choices, you won’t be able to give up on wearing them…

high heels jeans

A high-heel lover? I need to remind you that heels go awesomely well with ripped jeans. To complete the look, you just need a matching t-shirt, and accessories are totally up to you.

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