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  • April 1, 2017
  • Charlotte
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Hug Your Classic Jeans Instead of Hating

One of the golden oldies of your daily outfit is of course a pair of classic jeans. Also, who doesn’t like the way they are?

There has always been a big debate when it comes to wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans, and some people get confused over heels or flats to combine the pair with while others claims to embrace their slouchy style by suiting with a nice pair of brogues, heavy boots or simple sneakers. Nowadays there are so many different and awesome types of boyfriend jeans in stores, and with the luxury of choosing a lot of styles to suit all your tastes, you’re free to wear whichever pair you want.

ripped boyfriend jeans

A bit ripped and looks old? No worries; wear favourite white top and combine it with your high heels. Free to go!

high rise boyfriend jeans

Looking for a total go-for chic at times? Why don’t you simply have a high-rise tapered pair of boyfriend jeans, and stop worrying about being late and not looking stylish?

leather jacket boyfriend jeans

We recommend you stop thinking about your boyfriend jeans’ being blue all the time! If your leather jacket is a go-for, then this is one of the best daily outfit ideas.

boyfriend jeans white sneakers

Are you a total street fashioner? If your answer is “Yes”, but you have no eye to spend hours just to look stylish, we advise you to have this pair of jeans; they rock with your white sneakers and preferably a t-shirt will be enough to complete your street fashioner look.

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