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  • June 11, 2017
  • Charlotte
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Weekend Outfit

Dressing up in a formal way is quite easy, but things change when it comes to deciding on your weekend outfit.

We all know there’s something undeniable enjoyable about shaking off our work clothes even for a whipstitch. Also, it’s so nice to be able to wear the things you like without thinking twice!

jeans outfit

All the way blue, all the way jeans! One can’t deny the fact that blue makes us feel chic all the time, no matter what… So, go full jeans and rock the streets!

slit skirt outfit

If you’re after being brave and stylish in the meantime, a slit skirt will just do fine. The thing I love for the most is that slit skirts downplay the things you choose to wear.

romper outfit

A romper? I can’t see why not. If you think just one piece is less, try to wear a hat; I’m sure that the combination will make you feel completed!

mini jeans short

Have nothing important to do for the day? Then, it’s time to wear your mini jeans short alongside with a crop top for a chic daily outfit

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