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  • September 8, 2017
  • Charlotte
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What About Another Timeless Piece?

It’s for sure that trends come and go, but if something is so good to be true or useful in many ways, it stays with us forever. The question is “What about another timeless piece?

While thinking of daily outfit ideas for a better look, it’s quite human to get bored, isn’t it? We, therefore, tend to have more than, let’s say, a dozen of timeless pieces in one’s closet just in case we can’t come up with a combination for the day. As we all know a denim shirt is one of those otherworldly beauties.

black pencil skirt

They are of course not timeless without reason… You can have a denim shirt whether for the office hours or to hang out with your friends at night.

shirt dress outfit

A denim shirt can even be used as a dress, yeah, it’s not a joke, ladies. If it’s hot outside, and you are implicitly forced to have as little as possible, just get your denim shirt ready; that’s all!

white tank outfit

When it gets chilly, the trick is to have a white tank underneath the shirt; simple yet perfect to rock the streets!

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