• August 7, 2017
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What to Wear While on the Countryside

We all know the tricks of the city streets, but during a holiday, you sometimes need to know what to wear while on the countryside.

Getting dressed for a night out is an easy peasy before heading off to the places you already know. There are, however, some days when you take the road to the countryside so as to have feel at peace for a while. It’s so true to say that we can’t ever give up on looking as a total chic no matter where we are; that’s why, it’s best to have some different daily outfit ideas kept in mind.

#1 – Tartan Skirt

tartan skirt outfit

How we dress is always important; however, speaking for myself, particularly during the Fall months they are of vital importance. What I advise is to have at least one tartan skirt before hitting the road.

#2 – Midi Dress

floral midi dress

You might be thinking that they are not belong to the countryside, and thinking wrongly! It’s crystal-clear that a floral midi dress is one of the must-have pieces.

#3 – Vintage

vintage winter outfit

If you are planning to go on a holiday during the cold days, I suggest that you try going vintage with the help of your hat, jacket and jeans.

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