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  • January 30, 2017
  • Jessica Maddocks
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What Will We See on the Streets This Year?

As always, the heart of the fashion lies on the streets, the fashion is being shaped by the streets. In the year of 2017, which is expected to be challenging for the fashion designers, what we will see on the streets has started to take a shape.

When we look from the viewpoint of fashion designers, they seem to care more about their outfits for special occasions, but what sustains them is the street fashion and the designs for this fashion. All fashion giants admit that the pieces that they care about the most, they work on the most are basic pieces like jeans and jackets. Keeping up with the fashion trends and maintaining your own design style at the same time cannot be easy.
Daily outfits, which are used on the streets, must have a carefree attitude and they also must be chic and attractive. In this chaos, let’s see what fashion designers are planning for us.

1. Fanny Packs

Alexander Wang new season catalogue

Yes, seriously. It is making an elegant leap from past to today. Having their own special place in the history of fashion, the fanny pack are looking this elegant for the first time. In the hands of the master designers, the fanny packs, which are suitable for the street culture thanks to their comfortable use, obtained a look that you won’t want to take them off. For this reason, they are even beautiful enough to wear in an event, not just with street outfits.

fanny packs in 2017 street fashion

You can also wear these packs on side or on your back, not just on the front beacuse it’s the traditional way.

2. Mom Jeans

Mom jeans, street outfit

Jeans, which are an essential part of daily wear, are shaped according to the comfort on the streets. For this reason, you can put away your skinny jeans. Skinny jeans, which were widely used on the streets in the recent years, are leaving their places to mom jeans. As long as the culture of street fashion doesn’t change, it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere.

Even though the mom jeans, whose both leg cuts and waist designs have changed, will appear in almost all colors on the streets, we will see them mostly in traditional blue.

3. Pussy Bows

pussy bow, street outfit

Purple pussy bow, street outfit ideas.
Photo from: www.lornaluxe.com

Unlike others that are just reinterpretations of the past versions, a whole new style will be seen on the streets this year. With the rise of the scarf trend, these pussy bows, which came along with this trend, will probably obtain a new shape in the next years.

4. Sweatshirts

Street outfit with sweatshirt. Photo from Zara new season catalogue

Street outfit with sweatshirt. Photo from Zara new season catalogue

The sweatshirts, which never actually left us, are here with its 90s style. Oversized, with logos and comfortable. If you are looking for an outfit that you won’t take off all day, these sweatshirts, the star of the 90s, may be your savior.

5. Puffer Coats

puffer coat, street outfit ideas

puffer coat, daily outfit ideas

The puffer coats were always in our lives, but so far they were looking like they have come out of the hands of a single designer. This year, however, they are more detailed and they embrace a more extravagant form. As you will be able to see a puffer coat with a belt accessory, it will be also possible to see a puffer coat version of a parka that you like.

6. Sock Boots

Sock Boots outfit, street outfit ideas.
Photo from Zara new season catalogue

Sock boots were first introduced to the fashion trends in 2016. Let’s see how fashion designers will shape these sock boots, which will maintain its popularity this year as well.

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