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  • February 6, 2017
  • Jessica Maddocks
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New Shoe Trends that We Will Commonly See

Researches show that what women care about the most while shopping is shoes. In the light of this information, fashion designers especially care about their shoe designs.

So, what is new in the new collections of fashion designers?

Standard fabric options are leaving their places to different options; we will commonly see the shoes with canvas and jean fabrics. Especially the rise of the velvet will continue with the shoes, just like all other clothes.

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These fabric options are leaving the single-color hegemony behind. The shoes with geometric lines and flower prints, which we are used see in clothes, are becoming essential for daily outfits.
Futuristic lines are also occupying shoes. While the futurism is captivating all of the world, it just couldn’t leave the shoes alone. Machine-like lines and metallic colors are now available for shoes and we think that they look great. Even though they look eye-straining in the first glance, you will get used to them in no time.

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Leather shoes will always be used, but they want show themselves even more now. We will commonly see the models with snakeskin and leopard prints. As long as they are not real animal skin, they are completely okay to wear and they look really great.

When we examine the cuts, bands are a must now. These shoes that we will especially see during the summer are an important part of the current fashion trends.
The second thing about the cuts is that the masculinity is still holding its fort just like these last few years. If you are okay with looking a little masculine, you should definitely consider wearing Oxford and Loafer models.

When we come to the heels, the traditional stiletto heels are leaving their places to spike or block heels. Block heels, which we got used to seeing in the last few seasons and which are continuing its rise, are obtaining a new form that is the reinterpretation of the 60s fashion.

BONUS: Slippers. Yes, you have read it correctly. Now, you can even wear slippers under your coat during the winter. Many famous fashion bloggers are already wearing them.
After taking a look at the fabric, print and color options of the shoes that are included in the new creations of famous brands, the decision is yours. For more outfit ideas, we recommend you to follow our Instagram page.

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