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  • March 29, 2017
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Street Style Pieces for the Summer

If you are looking forward to having a chilly summer, you should see our tips on the best choices.

Who doesn’t want to have her summer in a chilly way? Summer means wearing less, yet it doesn’t necessarily have to mean not to look stylish. On the contrary, it might mean being more stylish than ever.

#1 – Strapless Top

strapless top daily outfit

Isn’t it so good to have a nice collarbone? If you think you have one, too, then you should have a strapless top… both to make the weather chillier for you, and to see that everyone’s watching you.

#2 – Kick Flare Jeans

kick flare jeans

If you already got bored with classic jeans, then you should opt for a kick flare pair. FYI, your high heels will look better with a nice pair of kick flare jeans, and you will show yourself off with a stylish outfit.

#3 – Suede Mini Dress

suede mini dress

Always LBD? Already bored and looking for a change? Then, you just try one of those awesome suede mini dresses, and get rid of your boredom. If you find the right colour to combine your dress with a white pair of sneakers, you can have one of your best stylish days.

#4- Suede Sandals

suede high heels

Looking forward to having a different pair of sandals, and don’t know which one to have? Why don’t you make a chillier choice for the summer choosing a suede one? With many colours, and different models to choose, you will feel as if in a deep-sea.

#5- Wrap Skirt

wrap skirt

There can’t be summer… without skirts, right? Since the skirts became too mainstream, it’s time for a change towards wrap ones.

Apart from these, there are of course hundreds of thousands of outfit choices, but those five will at least be of help for you to get rid of wardrobe crises.

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