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  • March 20, 2017
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Which Women Trends Do Guys Hate?

It’s an undeniable fact that each one of us is beautiful in our own ways, but there are some fashion trends that men don’t ever like.

Tux & Suit

women tux suit outfit

Women think that they look nice and stylish wearing a tux or suit, and they’re right! Men, on the other hand, think that they are so masculine. Therefore, women should wear more classic or chic pieces.

Heavy Make-Up

extreme make up

We all know that men like women with make-up, but sometimes they prefer seeing women without it. But, what happens when it’s “heavy”? It’s exactly what all of them hate… If a woman wants to feel happy, it’ll be enough to have a daily make-up. A little lipgloss, eyeliner, eye shadow beside the face powder, and that’s all!

Skin Tight Jeans

tight jeans daily outfit

Skin tight jeans might be acceptable according to the men if you are a skinny woman, but most of the time they aren’t pleased to see them on the streets.

Wedge Shoes

wedge shoes

They are one of the most loathed trends among men since they think that they look unnecessarily big, and ugly. Instead, they prefer normal high heels according to the combination you have.

Neon Colours

neon colors outfit

Men think that women should carry neon colours on a very limited space –most preferably as a wristlet. Never ever wear a shiny neon coloured jeans if you are to see a man.


ugg boats daily outfit

How can someone ever hate UGGs? Aren’t they really comfortable? Bad news is… according to the men, they are the most hateful things to be worn. You better remember this when it’s winter again.

Shalwar Trousers

shalwar trousers

So puffed on the thighs and unnecessarily narrow on the ankles… when combined, they look too weird. The reason why men hate those trousers is indeed quite foreseeable.

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