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  • March 11, 2017
  • Charlotte
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We Give You Some Reasons to Give Up Wearing High Heels Entirely

We all know that there were some days of your life… when you find it impossible for you NOT to wear heels. They were like your breaths, and you felt incomplete without them.

black daily high heels

You thought and talked to yourself, “If you ask me the higher my heels are, the better they look.”

unusual high heels

Might the reason be that you were feeling almost indestructible with your heels on? We can’t see why not…

indestructible high heels

However, it was crystal-clear that wearing high heels wasn’t without its struggles… and, there always had to be at least one awaiting.

lucky high heels

Also, you know… pain was there all the time!

high heels band aid

Then one day you thought to say “Goodbye!” to your beloved high-heel-wearing times and welcomed the new era… “Era of Flats

Of course in the first days you were like “Just how? They aren’t ever as fun as heels… What am I supposed to do now?”

white converse daily outfit

Till you realized the fact that they can indeed be as much fun as your long-gone heels… if not more as you’d expected.

You also look and see that your flats are as adorable as a nice pair of heels… You aren’t even able to compare them anymore since you see no difference as to sweetness.

wine red shoes daily outfit

Time marches on and on… and, one day you know, deep down, that your time of going back to high heels won’t ever be coming back since you have found your place of happily-ever-after .

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